A multi-asset family office

We focus on making strategic investments in multi-asset active traders. We passively invest firm capital in trading companies, financial technology companies, broker dealers, and hedge funds. We partner with individuals and organizations characterized by strong leadership, intelligence, realized success, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Our background as successful proprietary traders guides our investment philosophy and guidelines. White Bay Group only invests in organizations and trading strategies that have a full understanding of the market principles behind their profitability. This prerequisite for investment is based on the fundamental principle that past performance is not indicative of continued success in the future. A truly comprehensive view of the market place allows for flexibility, development and growth that a myopic perspective doesn't.

Opportunity Recognition

We partner with those capable of recognizing unique opportunities in global financial markets and gaining these perspectives through dedication to understanding market nuances. We look to help our partners realize their ambitions.

Strategy Execution

We collaborate with individuals and organizations that have a vision for their strategy, are uniquely positioned to execute through a well-defined action plan, and a thorough understanding of the challenges to implementing their goals.

Continuous Risk Analysis

We use a combination of standard risk metrics and dynamic risk tools that we tailor to individual strategies to keep ahead of risk in a constantly changing market environment.

Leverage Technology

We strive to stay on the cutting edge by continuously seeking methods to improve and automate processes, and increase and facilitate operational efficiency through the newest technologies.
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