A multi-asset investment firm

We are a multi asset investment firm that focuses on systematic trading in both blockchain/digital asset and traditional financial markets. Our entrepreneurial spirit and drive to innovate propel our success in these complex and competitive markets.


We leverage our years of experience in identifying and building systematic trading strategies and supporting infrastructure to profitably trade in the most competitive electronic markets in the world. We combine our collective knowledge and experience with our collaborative culture and focused efficiency, forging ahead into the exciting emerging markets of blockchains and digital assets.


We recognize unique opportunities in global financial and cyptocurrency markets, through our dedication to understanding each market’s nuances. We realize our ambitious goals through the use sophisticated modeling approaches, cutting edge technology, and trading acumen.


We pride ourselves on continuously fostering a collaborative, friendly, and meritocratic work environment that rewards everyone to constantly seek new and creative ways of improving all aspects of our business regardless of role and seniority.


We stay on the cutting edge of technology through our commitment to continuously researching the latest developments in software design, hardware advances, networking infrastructure, among others to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry.

Continuous Risk Analysis

We use a combination of standard risk metrics and dynamic risk tools that we tailor to individual strategies to keep ahead of risk in a constantly changing market environment.
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